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Illuminating topics in chemistry

ACS eBooks contain peer-reviewed, novel research that provide a deeper look into a topic. Our eBooks cover research from 1949 to the present and provide over 37,000 chapters across more than 1,600 books. These books contain essential research by the world’s leading scientists, including the work of 41 Nobel Laureates.

Because many ACS eBooks are sponsored by ACS Technical Divisions, you’ll find relevant content in almost every discipline impacted by chemistry, including policy, history, and education.

Why choose ACS eBooks?

Contextualizing both primary research and applications, the peer-reviewed ACS eBooks contain essential research by the world’s leading scientists spanning all disciplines and applications.

  • Academic institutions: ACS eBooks are an excellent resource for researchers and teaching faculty. Interdisciplinary collections enable researchers to use ACS eBooks to efficiently review essential research. Educators can use ACS eBooks to keep abreast of the latest teaching methods in chemistry as well as relevant case studies. For students, new graduates, and professionals, it offers a range of titles that take an in-depth look at the current chemistry careers landscape authored by distinguished individuals in their respective professions.
  • Corporate, Government, and Non-profit organizations: Researchers can turn to ACS eBooks to find original research that provides a more in-depth look into topics spanning the full spectrum of chemical science. Many titles combine research with applications in subjects as diverse as pharmaceutical development, climate change, polymer chemistry, quantum mechanics, food science, targeted drug delivery, nanotechnology, and hydraulic fracturing.

What’s included?

ACS eBooks are comprised of two book series, all hosted on our award-winning journals platform.

The ACS Symposium Series is a collection of peer-reviewed eBooks that fully illuminate topics in more detail than a journal article can offer. These titles are backed by substantial original research, and each chapter authored by an expert in the field. For over 40 years, the ACS Symposium Series has been delivering essential research from world leading scientists, including 41 Nobel Laureates, to audiences spanning disciplines and applications. Books are developed from successful symposia sponsored by ACS or other organizations. Topics span the entirety of chemistry, including applications, basic research, and interdisciplinary reviews.

The Advances in Chemistry series is a high-quality, peer-reviewed book series was published from 1949–1998 to provide the research community with an avenue to publish content and special topics that was beyond the scope of the existing ACS journals. Advances in Chemistry eBooks were critically reviewed according to ACS editorial standards and receive the careful attention and processing characteristics of ACS publications.

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ACS eBooks are available in a variety of collections to suit institutions unique needs. Purchase- and subscription-based options are both available and pricing is typically tiered based on an institution’s size or degree offerings.

The most common ACS eBook Collections include:

  • ACS eBooks Archive: This static collection includes the entire Advances in Chemistry Series as well as all ACS Symposium Series titles published through, and including, 2017.  Lease and ownership options are availble.
  • ACS eBooks Front Files:  Purchase any one or more years (2018–present) with each year typically containing 30–35 titles.
  • ACS Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA):  Use ACS EBA to sample all ACS eBooks (front-files and archives) for an entire year, then review patron data choose the titles you want to own.
  • Individual Print Copies:  The majority of ACS eBooks from the Symposium Series and Advances in Chemistry are available in print from Oxford University Press.

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Book titles to support all disciplines

From pioneering women in chemistry to tabular data on azeotropes, you'll find it all here.

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What Our Customers Say

The University of Alberta Libraries is one of the largest academic library systems in North America, and we support programs in all areas of the Physical and Natural Sciences and Engineering, as well as multiple programs in the Health and Agricultural Sciences. The interdisciplinary nature of the Symposium Series makes it a valuable resource for students and faculty in all of these programs. We also have users at three satellite campuses who can now access this material much more easily.”
Elizabeth Wallace Collections Manager, University of Alberta Libraries
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