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Expanded remote access options are a key effort to ensure that our global community of researchers and scientists are properly supported in these uncertain times. Please visit this resource page to stay up to date with ACS Publications remote access options for your institution.

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When certain usage thresholds are crossed, indicating the high probability of abuse of ACS content and/or a breach of our Terms and Conditions, access to the institution’s site is suspended until the situation is addressed by representatives from the library. Many times these are the result of compromised credentials, or users being unaware of ACS’s copyright/licensing policies.

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Take an overview of some of the main features and tools that are available on our website. Find out how to locate the high-quality content that you are looking for with our powerful advanced search engine and interface. Discover our feature rich articles that are available in multiple formats. Learn how to pair your laptops, tablets, and smartphones for off-campus access.

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