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Biotech & Pharma

Chemistry is a vital part in many of today’s life-changing medical interventions.

From discovering how a disease attacks the body to translating lab discoveries into production-scale therapies, we have the research you need to answer the next question. Researchers worldwide trust ACS to provide reliable information on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical sciences.

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Key Trends in Biotech and Pharma

Explore some of 2024’s key research trends so far in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and learn how your R&D team can stay ahead and informed of the latest breakthroughs in these fields.

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Top ACS Journals Biotech and Pharma Professionals are Reading

Bioconjugate Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Solutions in Unexpected Places

With the new mutations of COVID-19 discovered in 2020, the spotlight is on finding ways to quickly identify strains of virus. In this article in Bioconjugate Chemistry, researchers are finding ways to create rapid tests for different virus strains using influenza as a test material.

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Biotech & Pharma journal covers

Multidisciplinary Solutions

Many ACS journals are multidisciplinary in nature and are not included in our sample subject-area list. Even our niche journals cover topics that support, or are supported by, a broad array of research areas. Consider the challenge of creating a new vaccine. Many methods exist and can be found in journals covering pure chemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, translational science, and more.

More than one ACS journal could hold the answer you need. That’s why we provide numerous flexible options to support organizations of all types and sizes.

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From Our ACS Editors

Conversion of massive amounts of chemical and biological data into cogent insights is becoming a significant area of opportunity. With ever-advancing sensor capabilities and the expanding power of computers to generate computational data, the need to understand massive data sets will drive a lot of scientific endeavors and will offer exciting opportunities to advance the chemical and biological sciences.”
Kenneth Merz Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Bio-related materials, as one of the fastest growing interdisciplinary research areas globally, have emerged at the frontier between biology and materials, engineering, physics, or chemistry. It is intensely focused on biological, biomedical, bioinspired, and biomimetic materials, in which biological assemblies, mechanisms, and functions are taken advantage of for the development of novel synthetic materials and devices with advanced structures and functions. It is our intention to serve authors and readers with the most recent breakthrough research dealing with the design of functional bio-related materials and their significant applications.”
Shu Wang Deputy Editor, ACS Applied Bio Materials
ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science is an important and exciting component of the biological portfolio of ACS journals, filling an unmet need to disseminate the latest advances in basic and translational pharmacology across all therapeutic areas and molecular targets. ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science provides a new venue for academic researchers, as well as those in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, to report new assays paradigms, new technologies, target-validation efforts, and human clinical trial monographs in one journal.”
Craig W. Lindsley Former Editor-in-Chief, ACS Chemical Neuroscience