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Access to balanced scientific journalism

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of news about chemistry and related fields. Published by ACS since 1923, it is recognized by chemists worldwide for its breaking-news coverage and award-winning features. By adding C&EN to ACS’s award-winning digital platform, all ACS content— eBooks, journals, news, and reference materials—is now available in one place.

Why choose C&EN?

Keep your organization informed with important research advances, business and policy trends, chemical safety practices, and career guidance from C&EN. A single search location to review results from all content gives readers historic and contextual perspective as well as current news alongside the peer-reviewed science for which they are searching. In addition, readers benefit from a fresh, user-friendly experience at the issue and article level.

  • Academic institutions: Get COUNTER-compliant usage and denial statistics for C&EN Global Enterprise integrated into library reports. Gain access to a lasting digital edition of record for C&EN.
  • Corporate organizations: Accelerate the knowledge acquisition of your R&D teams by putting current news alongside the topics they’re searching in peer-reviewed literature.
  • Government organizations: Build a more informed organization with balanced science news and feature stories from across the globe, curated and written by the experts.

What’s included?

  • C&EN delivers balanced science news and feature stories from across the globe, curated and written by the experts, to help you build a more informed organization.
  • Articles are available as both mobile-friendly web pages and downloadable PDFs.
  • News stories are paired with journal articles to give readers greater context and currency.
  • Enhanced full-text discoverability is available alongside journal results when searching the C&EN site.
  • All archived content is now available in high-resolution, fully searchable PDFs—bringing history back to life—with the ability to print and save content.

How to get access

We offer two packages for C&EN access:

  • C&EN Global Enterprise provides access to every article, ad, and more from 2016 to the present, to boost your industry awareness and aid in competitive research. C&EN Global Enterprise is available online or on mobile, allowing readers to pair their mobile device with your organization’s subscriptions to get full-text access from anywhere in the world for up to four months.
  • C&EN Archives provides cover-to-cover access to issues from 1923 to 2015. Learn more about the most important moments in research and inform your view of the future. C&EN Archives is available via an annual subscription license or a one-time payment option.

Get access or contact your sales representative directly to review all acquisition options.

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