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Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world use ACS Publications to improve outcomes, support decision-making, and accelerate innovation. Scientific journals, books, and databases are all at the core of successful research hospitals. Researchers worldwide trust ACS to provide reliable information on the cutting edge of healthcare sciences.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have come to the forefront in the medical community’s interest. Research published in Environmental Science & Technology explores how efficiently common mask materials perform.

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Many ACS journals are multidisciplinary in nature and are not included in our sample subject-area list . Even our niche journals cover topics that support, or are supported by, a broad array of research areas. Consider the challenge of creating environmentally friendly surgical tools. There are many ways to accomplish this, and solutions can be found in journals covering pure chemistry, metallics, plastics, environmental science, materials science, and more.

More than one ACS journal could hold the answer you need. That’s why we provide numerous flexible options to support organizations of all types and sizes.

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From Our ACS Editors

Chemists will exploit genetic information in new and unexpected ways going forward. Links between genetic changes and their resultant human diseases increasingly will be understood in molecular terms, and new treatments and preventive strategies will emerge.”
Carolyn Bertozzi Editor-in-Chief, ACS Central Science
With the rise of nanomedicine, nanoparticles for both diagnostics and drug delivery is going to continue to become more and more important.”
J. Justin Gooding Editor-in-Chief, ACS Sensors