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ACS Institute

Empower mastery. Promote excellence. Enable engaging learning.

An ever-growing gallery of expert-developed, curated courses perfect to augment any chemistry curriculum and learning experience. Courses range across a spectrum of needs, including lab safety, chemistry in practice, technical skills development, scientific communications, and leadership and professional development.

Comprehensive and authoritative learning platform

ACS Institute supports the broad chemistry community across the spectrum of learning from foundational education, career expertise, and professional development.  It addresses a significant gap in the training landscape for chemistry-specific knowledge which is currently highly disparate, inconsistent, and sourced from a wide-range of providers.

The ACS Institute is broken into seven learning centers and content is available for both individual- and organization-level.  The four learning centers that will offer a growing suite of courses packaged for organization-level deployment include:

  • ACS Center for Lab Safety
  • ACS Center for Chemistry in Practice
  • ACS Center for Technical Skills Development
  • ACS Center for Scientific Communications
  • For non-chemists: Courses will assist those who rely on chemistry-related technology but aren’t chemists—or even scientists—such as nurses, waste management operators, and construction workers.
  • For scientists: A career in science means continual development of skills. The ACS Institute will assist in expanding technical skills, professional development, lab safety, and more.
  • For faculty: Provide students with the most relevant in-practice tips and techniques without trying to squeeze more into class time. Leverage your school’s existing learning management system, making it easy for students and faculty monitor course progression and demonstrate mastery.
  • For employers: Ensure your scientific staff are functioning at their optimum level, using the most recent advances in technology, and operating in a safe environment.

A select subset of courses offered within the ACS Institute are available for organization-level deployment, from within your organization’s learning management system. These courses are expertly designed to help organizations of all types, corporate, academic, and government, achieve their training and education goals. More courses are underway.

Available for immediate adoption through your LMS:

More courses coming soon. To explore additional courses available outside of the LMS envelope, visit

Select, individual courses are available for organization-level deployment and pricing is tiered based on number of learners.  Courses are easily compatible with most Learning Management Systems.

Access is available for course evaluation and review.

Click below to get started, and we’ll be glad to help setup a course demo, evaluation, quotation.

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System Requirements

In order to use this course in the academic environment, it must be integrated into a learning management system (LMS). Below are some of the commonly used systems we have verified and the types of fulfillment files we currently offer. If you don’t see your LMS or the file format that your LMS requires, let your ACS representative know and we will work with you to test your learning environment.

Verified Learning Management System-Package Format Combinations
The following combinations have been tested and verified:

⊳ Moodle / SCORM 1.2
⊳ Canvas / LTI 1.1
⊳ Blackboard / SCORM 1.2
⊳ Docebo / SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, LTI 1.1

Learning Management System Package Formats
ACS Institute courses are provided in standard eLearning package formats for import into customer Learning Management Systems. The following package format options are available:

⊳ SCORM 1.2
⊳ SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
⊳ LTI 1.1
⊳ LTI 1.3

Delivery Network URL Whitelisting
Communication with the ACS Institute delivery network is needed for licensing compliance, which requires whitelisting a URL prior to package import and student use.[1]

The URL for customer I.T. teams to whitelist is

[1]ACS Institute uses IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards and does NOT store any institutional data with the exception of anonymized user IDs and Course IDs.

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