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If you’re teaching in a core discipline of chemistry or chemical engineering, chances are you are already familiar with ACS Journals. However, you might not be aware that education and career advancement are central to our mission, and we have a wealth of content for science educators.

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Education Information in Unexpected Places

Educational information and career advice can be found across the full suite of ACS journals. In this article from The Journal of Organic Chemistry, read about why diversity and inclusion in the industry matter and the challenges that remain in the future

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Pedagogical Solutions for Educators

Whether you’re designing your next laboratory exercise, assessing student performance, managing distance learning, or improving diversity in your classroom, ACS is dedicated to science education. These are just a few of the pedagogical and supporting resources we think you’ll find useful.

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From Our ACS Editors

By advancing and implementing new data analytic methods to enhance the visibility of the Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) and its responsiveness to users, we can take the lead in helping authors, reviewers, and readers find more than they originally sought when they seek out articles published in JCE. This strategy will expand the horizons of how information is curated and archived and it will raise the bar, and raise awareness of the quality of scholarship afforded by the educational endeavor in the chemical sciences.”
Thomas Holme Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Chemical Education