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ACS Publications provides the scientific community with journals, books, news, references, and training products. This page summarizes the most common packages subscribed to by academic libraries. Visit the individual solutions pages for access options related to those resources.

Digital Learning Powered by ACS Institute

Explore ACS digital learning solutions that are authoritative, accessible, and compatible with your learning management systems (LMS). ACS digital learning solutions are designed for institutional adoption and distribution via your LMS, allowing faculty to assign learning, track progress, and assess students all within the LMS. Get free evaluator access today to experience these time-saving tools for educators.

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Digital Books, References, and News

ACS Reagent Chemicals
ACS Reagent Chemicals is the independently established global standard for chemical integrity and purity. Reduce company risk by ensuring your company’s QA/QC labs are equipped with the standards referenced by governing bodies.
ACS eBooks
ACS eBooks help readers gain an in-depth understanding of key developments across the sciences—in an easy-to-read format. Organizations can encourage workforce self-education with in-depth resources that are more engaging than journal articles.
ACS In Focus
ACS In Focus digital books help readers of all levels accelerate their fundamental understanding of emerging topics and techniques from across the sciences.
ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication
A discovery is nothing if it cannot be communicated. The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication is all about effective communication of scientific material to any audience. Equip your team with the skills they need to share their discoveries with the world.
Chemical & Engineering News
Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)'s experts gather and deliver scientific news that can’t be found anywhere else. Stay informed of important global events that guide decision making such as policy trends, market changes, and business news like mergers & acquisitions.
ACS Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)
ACS Evidence Based Acquisition empowers libraries to take control of book acquisition while eliminating the guesswork. Access our entire ACS eBooks portfolio for up to a year and use data to choose the books you’ll own in perpetuity.
Legacy Archives

ACS Legacy Archives

Whether you are trying to understand prior art for a patent application or want to apply time-tested methods to a new synthetic pathway, ACS journal content prior to 1996 still remains an extremely valuable asset.

More than a hundred years of research at your fingertips. The concepts captured in the ACS Legacy Archives are still being applied in new ways every day. Immediate access means no waiting for content that is standing between your research team and the next big solution.

Many academic libraries find that making a one-time investment in purchasing the ACS Legacy Archives results in substantial long-term savings in subscriptions.

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What Our Customers Say

The University of Alberta Libraries is one of the largest academic library systems in North America, and we support programs in all areas of the Physical and Natural Sciences and Engineering, as well as multiple programs in the Health and Agricultural Sciences. The interdisciplinary nature of the Symposium Series makes it a valuable resource for students and faculty in all of these programs. We also have users at three satellite campuses who can now access this material much more easily. ”
Elizabeth Wallace Collections Manager, Science & Technology Library at University of Alberta Libraries