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As a librarian, you’re a key stakeholder in keeping research quality high at your institution and effectively supporting the research workflows of your entire academic community. You manage vast resource collections and help drive new knowledge discovery. Here are a few ways we can help.

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We are constantly launching new journals in growing, high-impact research areas, such as Agriculture, Food, and Environment and Materials Science.

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Support your institution’s open access publishing goals

As funders push for the acceleration of open access publishing, librarians play a more active role in implementing institutional open access agreements.

ACS provides a variety of ways for institutions to build support for the open access publishing needs of their communities. Explore our open access journals, open access solutions including transformative ACS Read + Publish agreements, and flexible open access publication token packages.

Visit the ACS Open Science site for more information about ACS’s commitment to open science and open access publishing.

What Our Customers Say

Our Chemistry Department is a strong department with a relatively large number of majors. This strength is largely due to the amount and quality of undergraduate student research which is often done in collaboration with faculty. Consequently, providing access to ACS journals is crucial to the library’s support of the Chemistry department—both faculty and students. To put it another way, even though we only offer an undergraduate Chemistry program, we cannot 'get by' with providing access to a set of inferior chemistry journals. ACS journals are a must-have for our faculty and students.”
Bruce Kocour Dean of Library Services, Carson-Newman University