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With a comprehensive portfolio of digital book series and more than 85 journals, ACS Publications has a home for every type of research. Our suite of 16 Open Access journals provides free to read scientific research across a wide variety of chemistry-related topic areas.

ACS Content in Every Discipline

Many ACS journals are multidisciplinary in nature and cover research at the interface of chemistry and other fields, with content that is relevant to a range of disciplines including polymers, materials science, industrial engineering, energy, and environmental science. In addition to our journals, our peer-reviewed digital books series covers a breadth of topics, from emerging topics in chemistry to science policy and building your career.

Explore the Leading Journals in Chemistry

ACS journals have earned an impressive median Impact Factor of 5.30, and more than 20 of our indexed journals rank in the top 10 in their topic area.

Chemical Reviews, with an Impact Factor of 62.10, is ranked 21st out of approximately 22,000 journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports and is the top-ranked journal in Multidisciplinary Chemistry.

In addition to our strength in chemistry, more than 60% of articles that cite ACS Publications are classified as outside the core chemistry categories.

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Multidisciplinary Content

Multidisciplinary Content

ACS Publications is dedicated to serving the scientific community and is highly selective in the decision to bring new journals to the scientific community. The selection begins with the recognition that a discipline in chemistry or a related science is underserved by currently available publications.

For example, materials science is an expanding area of research which for years outstripped the pace of publication. In order to meet the demand of the research community, ACS Publications expanded our materials science journals offerings beginning in 2018.

Research Doesn’t Stop with the Chemistry

Without educating the next generation and keeping them safe, the research of the future can’t take place. That’s why ACS has invested in education and safety resources.

  • Journal of Chemical Education is co-published by the ACS Division of Chemical Education and ACS Publications. Launched in 1924, JCE is the world’s premier chemical education journal.
  • ACS Chemical Health & Safety is a global platform for ensuring that all members of the chemical enterprise receive access to new research, safety information, regulatory updates, effective chemical hygiene practices, and hazard assessment tools.
  • ACS Digital Books: ACS peer-reviewed digital books help drive interdisciplinary research. Whether you’re expanding your understanding of fundamental and emerging science topics and techniques or bridging the gap between textbook and journal articles, these books provide the flexibility to read them wherever you are.
  • ACS Institute: The ACS Institute is comprised of seven learning centers which span critical areas of study, development, and expertise. Of particular interest to educators is ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry, a 90-minute online course that provides students with the vital concepts of chemical safety and prepares them for their first experiment in the general chemistry lab.
Decreasing Publishing Times

Rapid Publication

ACS Publications boasts some of the fastest times to publication in scientific publishing. We’ve invested in automating and streamlining the process to get research published and integrated into the next new discovery as quickly as possible.

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