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A comprehensive collection of research solutions fuels corporate innovation, governmental oversight, and nonprofit problem-solving. Keep your team current with regulations while optimizing R&D performance and accelerating IP output.

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Licensing ACS Intellectual Property for Corporate R&D

Many companies have policies regarding protection of and respect for intellectual property, as well as established commitments to corporate ethics. Understanding the various licensing and access options ACS provides is important to ensure compliance with company policies and guidelines.

Click below for an overview of licenses and permissions that can assist corporate leaders and research managers.

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ACS Institute

ACS Institute

Give your company access to comprehensive and authoritative training from the ACS Institute. Help learners gain new skills to remain impactful in the rapidly changing landscape. Group and institutional rates are available.

  • Centralize and focus learning through a gallery of curated resources
  • Build mastery across the spectrum of learning and development
  • Gain confidence through expert-vetted resources
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Legacy Archives

ACS Legacy Archives

More than a hundred years of research at your fingertips. The concepts captured in the ACS Legacy Archives are still being applied in new ways every day. Immediate access means no waiting for content that is standing between your scientists and a solved problem.

Whether you are trying to understand prior art for a patent application or want to apply time-tested methods to a new synthetic pathway, ACS journal content prior to 1996 remains a valuable asset.

Many of our larger corporate entities elect to reduce their year-over-year subscription fees by purchasing this collection outright.

Archive Purchase or Subscription Options

Text & Data Mining (TDM)

Using machine learning, complex algorithms, and artificial intelligence, ACS Text & Data Mining solutions help you harness the power of data science to mine previous discoveries and find the next breakthrough. We're here to help you capitalize on the power of data science to solve problems and find the answers you need.

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What Our Customers Say

The ACS All Access Subscription provides us with a basis for enhanced creativity.”
Peter Toogood Senior Vice President of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Lycera
We're looking for novelty and tractability in the compounds we're designing and making, so we need to make sure we're up to date with the literature.”
Douglas Williamson Senior Team Leader, Chemistry at Vernalis