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Agriculture, Food & Environment

Chemistry is at the heart of innovation and application in the agriculture and food industries. From pesticides, fertilizers, and growth technology to optimizing the way food and beverages taste, we have the research you need to answer the next question. Researchers worldwide trust ACS to provide reliable information on the cutting edge of agricultural and food technology.

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Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Solutions from Unexpected Places

Changes to the watershed cause ripple effects in surrounding plant life. In this article in Environmental Science & Technology, learn about how a watershed change affects the microbes present and carbon balance in the surrounding soil, potentially changing the way plants grow.

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Multidisciplinary Solutions

Many ACS journals are multidisciplinary in nature and are not included in our sample subject-area list. Even our niche journals cover topics that support, or are supported by, a broad array of research areas. Consider the challenge of creating biodegradable and antimicrobial food packaging. Many solutions exist and can be found in journals covering pure chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, agriculture, sustainability engineering, and more.

More than one ACS journal could hold the answer you need. That’s why we provide numerous flexible options to support organizations of all types and sizes.

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From Our ACS Editors

Significant challenges exist in maintaining a safe and abundant global food supply while protecting and enhancing precious soil, water, and air natural resources. Agriculture has a major role to play in addressing climate change. Agricultural production methods must evolve in order to increase ecosystem services like carbon sequestration and biodiversity protection on a large scale. ”
Laura McConnell Deputy Editor, ACS Agricultural Science and Technology
The global community is paying more and more attention to environmental problems because of the evident global impacts such as climate change, water shortage, air quality, and ubiquitous and persistent micropollutants and microplastics. In response, the environmental research field is rapidly expanding to, and merging with, other disciplines. ACS ES&T Engineering will cover all the important issues in environmental technology and engineering and will serve as a primary source where people seek cutting-edge knowledge and engineering solutions for environmental issues of today and tomorrow.”
Wonyong Choi Editor-in-Chief, ACS ES&T Engineering
Agricultural science crosses the boundaries of many scientific disciplines, and disruptive technologies can impact research programs overnight. Numerous opportunities exist in agricultural science from a technology perspective. Broadly available digital tools have revolutionized agriculture, allowing farmers to use inputs more precisely and effectively while minimizing negative environmental impacts.”
Lauren McConnell Deputy Editor, ACS Agricultural Science and Technology
My vision for ACS ES&T Water is to grow the journal into the predominant outlet for scientific data within the water and environment domains. Water is essential to our lives and societies, and the journal will explore the intricacies of how this crucial resource can be managed and supported as countries around the world face urgent challenges.”
Shane A. Snyder Editor-in-Chief, ACS ES&T Water