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Text & Data Mining

Harness the power of big data and analytics

Text & Data Mining (TDM) employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, and complex algorithms to perform sophisticated analyses on large amounts of data. TDM analyzes available texts and figures to extract relationships and trends that don’t typically surface via traditional techniques. ACS’s vast volumes of published research are a perfect source for TDM efforts.

Benefits of Choosing ACS for Text & Data Mining

Regardless of job title, field, or industry, if you are ready to use information to predict trends and make evidence-based decisions, ACS’s published content is an excellent resource for analyses. Achieve a competitive edge by using text & data mining (TDM) to unlock the power of ACS content.

Quickly and accurately locate information that can guide decision-making and advance R&D by discovering patterns and relationships that are often invisible without TDM. These discoveries can enhance research processes and help find cost-saving efficiencies. In addition to enhancing research discovery, TDM also equips legal, patent, and regulatory divisions with data-driven evidence from proven ACS sources.


TDM Used to Uncover Energy Solutions

Hydrogen gas is a promising fuel candidate, but storage for hydrogen gas continues to be a challenge. Adsorption onto porous metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) is one of the more attractive strategies for safe storage. In a recent paper in Langmuir, researchers used TDM to analyze the surface area and pore volumes of MOF in more than 58,000 published articles to find the MOFs with the highest hydrogen uptake and to build a model with which they could compare calculated accessible surface area of CCDC data. The verified model can help predict new MOF structures that will perform even better.

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Download Sample XML Files and a Sample License

ACS offers a variety of methods for taking advantage of TDM across our platform of book and journal content. Download the sample files below to view the type of content typically delivered to TDM customers. To get started with TDM or to speak with us about additional customization, click the button below.

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Prostate Cancer Marker Analysis

Using TDM to Diagnose Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common non-skin cancers that affects men, but current diagnostic tools are invasive and have limited accuracy. In recent research published in Journal of Proteome Research, TDM was used to evaluate the importance of 4,388 genes that may be useful in diagnosing prostate cancer in the future. The evaluation process yielded seven likely markers, and the model was evaluated with human samples.

Find out how researchers used TDM


The cost may vary based on type and breadth of data, duration of access, frequency, and delivery mechanism. Customers may opt to pair TDM with solutions like ACS All Access for added value.

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