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ACS Evidence Based Acquisition for ACS eBooks

ACS Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) empowers libraries to take control of eBook acquisition while eliminating guesswork. Simply meet a minimum purchase commitment to get a year of full evaluation access to more than 1,500 ACS eBooks. After the end of the evaluation term, ACS will provide a usage report to help you decide which eBooks you want to purchase.

Why choose ACS Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)?

  • Have confidence you’re investing in the books your patrons genuinely need and use.
  • Sample our entire collection (including the ACS Symposium Series and Advances in Chemistry Series) for a full year.
  • Choose the number of books that fit your budget. The greater the number of eBooks you commit to purchasing, the lower the cost per book.
  • Enjoy three months after your evaluation period to decide on purchase; easily upgrade your purchase commitment during that period if you want more books than planned. Use your free usage report to decide which books to purchase.
  • Get unlimited usage by an unlimited number of simultaneous users for all purchased eBooks.

What’s included?

All ACS eBooks, including the ACS Symposium Series and ACS Advances in Chemistry. ACS In Focus e-books are not included. They are hosted on a separate platform and not currently compatible with the EBA package.

How to purchase

We have flexible options and levels to suit all institutions.

Get access or contact your sales representative directly to review all acquisition options.

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