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A Bug’s Eye View of Road Safety
Friday February 03, 2023

Bee crawling on car windowThe visible remains of insect collisions on the windshield are a common side effect of driving—but these small creatures are inherently very good at not crashing into each other. Could we learn something from insects to help us avoid human-scale collisions, especially when driving at night? Whatever your stance on the scientific robustness of the […]

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A Power Source That Sticks
Thursday February 02, 2023

With winter and cold weather comes certain nuisances, one of which is static electricity—and the startling little shocks that often come with it. Whether it’s pulling your favorite sweater over your head, opening a door, or even petting your dog or cat, most of us could probably do without the aggravation of static sneak attacks. […]

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Pepping Up Our Peppers
Thursday February 02, 2023

Red Habanero PeppersKeeping a plant or two has long been touted as being good for us, with time spent in the garden or just looking after a few indoor specimens related to improvements in mental health. But might this go in both directions—can plants be stressed? And how can we help? Plant stress is regarded as any […]

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