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ACS Individual Journal Subscriptions

The Power of Choice

You can find ACS Publications journals cited in the world’s most influential patents, from pharma, to consumer goods, to aerospace. Providing access to quality, peer-reviewed journals reduces risk in your organization by ensuring that employees do not feel pressure to acquire information from unsafe and unlicensed sources.

Why choose ACS Individual Journal Subscriptions?

The most cost-effective route to access is via our packages such as the ACS All Access Subscription or ACS Metered Access Package (Tokens), but our journals are also available individually.

    • Reach goals more rapidly by reducing the barriers to the most reliable, most cited source of scientific information
      Simple, web-based access features prominent article metrics and navigation to figures and references.
    • Readers can use a variety of tools to easily read, browse, and search across all journal articles.

What’s included?

ACS publishes more than 70 journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines. These are just a few of the subject areas our journals encompass:

      • Agriculture and Food Chemistry
      • Analytical Chemistry
      • Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
      • Catalysis
      • Chemical Education
      • Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry
      • Earth, Space, and Environmental Chemistry
      • Energy
      • Inorganic Chemistry
      • Materials Science
      • Nanoscience
      • Organic Chemistry
      • Organometallic Chemistry
      • Physical Chemistry
      • Polymer Science
      • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

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How to subscribe

Individual ACS journals are available for commercial organizations to purchase via annual subscription. We also have a range of journal packages available, such as the ACS All Access Subscription, which may be more cost-effective—and includes unrestricted access to our full portfolio.

Get access or contact your sales representative directly to review all acquisition options.