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ACS makes publication access easy

From providing the best scientific resources to students and faculty, to always-up-to-date research libraries for corporate or government organizations, ACS has access options that meet your specific needs.


Academic Institutions

There’s no better way to provide a full spectrum of chemical knowledge for students, faculty, and researchers than access to ACS Publications. We offer a variety of access options that offer academic departments and libraries

  • Training materials to teach best practices in scientific research and communication
  • The latest research to supplement classroom learning and research
  • Journals, digital books, and news to help inspire faculty and researchers
  • Cost-effective collections and flexible access options
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Corporate Skyline

Corporate, Government, and Nonprofit Organizations

ACS Publications provides the latest research to fuel your innovation, guide policy decisions, and help your team stay current with regulations and trends. But the benefits don’t end there. Our journals, digital books, and training materials help organizations like yours

  • Maximize R&D performance and IP output through fast access to cutting-edge research
  • Maintain employee engagement by helping staff build skills and reduce frustration
  • Minimize risk from exposure to or use of unaccredited or unreliable resources
  • Provide fast, easy access, without user or machine access limits
  • Stay up to date with industry trends and research
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