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ACS SiftAi

The next generation of discovery.

Unleash the power of the most trusted content

Create a custom corpus to identify gaps and opportunities for R&D and business development.
Tune your collection to find the most relevant information among the best chemical and related content.
No-code AI allows novice users to run complex algorithms developed by ACS AI experts, enabling non-computational scientists to take advantage of computational functionality.
Powerful visualizations reveal hidden relationships and accelerate insights into data.
Download your results in XML or PDF so you can continue to dive deep into trusted content.
Harness the power of semantics, machine learning, and AI to be first to the next big discovery.
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Get ahead of your competition by being the first to employ high-level data solutions, and take advantage of opportunities to receive special invitations to participate in the development and transformation process of ACS SiftAi. Early adopters can benefit from preferential pricing and expert support.

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