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Reduce the Spread of Viruses

A course that aims to give professionals the tools they need to reduce the spread of viruses in their workplaces.

Reduce the Spread of Viruses is a two-hour online course ideal for institutions, universities, and companies focusing on reopening, establishing common standards, and risk management. ACS ensures professionals understand the science behind the recommendations so they can relate their behavioral changes to decreased virus spread.

Why choose Reduce the Spread of Viruses?

  • Awarded the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Bronze award for “Best Advance in Training Programs that Require Global Accessibility Standards”

    Bronze Excellence in Learning Award

    Bronze Award for Excellence in Learning

  • Synthesizes critical information and research in an engaging way, necessary to understand the chemical basis for virus spread and prevention
  • Designed and reviewed by expert authors practicing in the fields of healthcare
  • Highlights research behind recommendations and provides concrete examples that motivate learners to change their behaviors
  • Glossary includes common terms explained in clear and relatable ways
  • Intuitive risk-assessment calculator gives professionals a handy tool to assess the danger now inherent in common social and professional situations
  • Gamified real-world capstone module allows learners to assess what they have learned
  • Certificates are awarded to learners who complete the course

Eight interactive learning modules are included, including:

  • Module 1 — How a virus spreads: Learn about viruses that cause respiratory infections, how a virus spreads, 6 factors about droplets, and what makes an outbreak severe.
  • Module 2 — Wearing and caring for masks: Understand how masks work, effective wearing of masks, and caring for your mask properly. Access research from ACS Publications on fabric and layers of masks.
  • Module 3 — Effective hand hygiene: Learn about effective hand washing, plus how much soap to use, how hand sanitizer works, which is most effective, and more.
  • Module 4 — Recommendations on gloves and face shields: Find out when and if gloves and face shields are recommended. Understand the difference between droplet transmission and indirect contact transmission.
  • Module 5 — Navigating group situations: Evaluate the concentration of the virus in the air and the protective actions to take. Understand personal risk and when to social distance with a risk-assessment calculator.
  • Module 6 — Cleaning and disinfecting: Learn the three most common mistakes when using disinfectants. Understand how disinfectants work and what needs to be disinfected, plus a “Learn More” link to the CDC Decision Tree on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
  • Module 7 — How we fight a virus: Understand the difference between the body’s natural defense systems, vaccines, antivirals and other treatments. Address frequently asked questions around herd immunity, safely developing vaccines, and testing.
  • Module 8 — Capstone: A Day in the Life. In a final self-assessment capstone module, learners will be evaluated on key takeaways and lessons learned. Upon completion, learners receive a Chemistry in Practice: Reduce the Spread of Viruses certificate.

Reduce the Spread of Viruses is available to academic, corporate and government institutions. This course can be easily integrated into your existing learning management system (LMS). Pricing is tiered based on number of learners.

Access is available for course evaluation and review.

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