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Authoritative. Accessible. LMS-Compatible.

Find expert-developed digital learning solutions for institutional adoption and LMS deployment, backed by one of the largest scientific societies in the world.

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Authoritative. Accessible. LMS-Compatible.

All ACS digital learning solutions incorporate a broad range of expertise, content, and knowledge across foundational learning and skills development. Courses are peer reviewed and expert vetted to instill confidence.

Course content is accessible (WCAG 2.1 AA) and easy to use on all devices, making its content available for all students anytime, anywhere with a consistent user experience.

All solutions can be seamlessly integrated into most common learning management systems (LMS). See system requirements to learn more.

Automatic Updates between Versions

Automatic updates between versions

All ACS digital learning solutions are continuously updated to reflect the latest scientific best practices and accessibility requirements. New versions are automatically implemented via Content Controller which saves time and effort in distributing updated content.

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ACS digital learning solutions are available to academic, corporate, and government institutions. These courses can be easily integrated into your existing learning management system (LMS). Pricing is tiered based on the number of learners.

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System Requirements

In order to use this course in the academic environment, it must be integrated into a learning management system (LMS). Our digital learning solutions are compatible with most commonly used systems such as those specified here. If you don’t see your LMS or the file format that your LMS requires, let your ACS representative know and we will work with you to test your learning environment.

ACS Institute courses are provided in standard eLearning package formats for import into customer Learning Management Systems. The following package format options are available:

• SCORM 1.2
• SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
• LTI 1.1
• LTI 1.3v

Verified Learning Management System-Package Format Combinations
The following combinations have been tested and verified:

• Moodle / SCORM 1.2
• Canvas / LTI 1.1
• Canvas / LTI 1.3
• Blackboard / SCORM 1.2
• Docebo / SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, LTI 1.1